Individualize graphic, web, and product design services for diverse clients. Bring knowledge of textures, materials, and color into digital design. Experienced in seeing projects through varying steps; crafting pieces, photographing, editing, branding, labeling and designing with these components.

Stephanie Wencl,
designer + artisan

Using her innate talent to weave together multiple disciplines of her passions, Stephanie bridges worlds of experience, erudition, and intuitive insight together. Drawing skills from Earth-rooted inclinations, she initially found her expression in creating sustainable handcrafted goods for the global market. This allowed her to further develop product design while forging relationships with project management, concept development, custom product buildup, photography, marketing and sourcing.

After constructing and composing a non-profit and artisan product design company, she has discovered a pronounced ability to captivate and implement clients’ needs through a process which is both intuitive and strongly supported in communication. Branding and storytelling for others has become her greatest union of artistry and now. Through this heartfelt work, her services have greatly guided individuals and companies alike by exposing clients’ style and shaping their approach in communicating their mission to the world.

Stephanie has a flexible yet resolute focus on entrepreneurial endeavors, artisan groups, and nonprofits. She delivers high-end design, customized client services, and timely communication. Stephanie thrives as a freelance designer and collaborates with an impressively talented team of website developers, makers and consultants to accomplish the proposal at hand.

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"Steph's talent for design parallels her talent for communication. She listens, is able to hear the heart of an organization's mission and vision for brand, and unite them to craft her designs."

-Courtney Cronin, Founder of Forest Playgroup

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